Peter Blake


This piece of artwork by Peter Blake is imaginative and unique as he has used two contrasting subjects and merged them together. He has used butterflies set in front of the Eifel Tower which I feel you would not usually expect to see the two together in such an apparent way. The piece, that I think has been produced by water-colour, has a romantic feel to it with the soft colours of the sunset in the background. This makes the viewer want to be in the picture and experience what is happening. This piece of work is as though it has been torn from a scrapbook. I feel this way as it looks as though the butterflies have been layered onto of the Eifel Tower as they are a much bigger than they originally would be. This gives a surreal feel to the painting as butterflies would be minor compared to such a big landscape. The Painting is disproportionate as the composition has been done in a way that the foreground image is bigger than the background when in real life the butterflies would be tiny. This piece of artwork has a calming influence to it with the smooth look and soft colours in the background.

Imaginative; This piece of work is imaginative as Blake has used butterflies floating around the Eifel Tower which is not something you would usual see.

Unique; It’s unique in the sense that I have never seen a piece of art that incorporates such different subjects and merges them together to make something that works.

Original; Peter Blake has made this original piece by blending two ‘objects’ that would not usually expect to see together.

Colourful; It is a colourful piece with the butterflies in the foreground being different vibrant colours to contrast with the sunset in the background.

Romantic; This is a romantic piece of art with the soft pink colours in the background for the sunset and by using a well-known landscape it makes you feel that you are there.

Subtle; The use of subtle colours in the background help the butterflies in the foreground stand out and come to life.

Surreal; The butterflies in the foreground are disproportionate to that of the Eifel tower. This makes the painting seem like a surreal situation that you wouldn’t ever come across.

Scrapbook; It’s almost like a page in a scrapbook where a person has been building up layers or different objects to make a surreal piece of work.

Disproportionate; The butterflies are much bigger than the Eifel tower which is not true to real life and makes the picture seem disproportionate.

Calming; I find this picture calming because of all the soft warming colours that have been used for the sunset.

3D; The shading and shadow on the tower and butterflies make the painting have a 3D quality to it.

Smooth; The picture looks smooth in the way it was painted rather than a rough texture that you would get with oil paint.

Tonal; The picture is very tonal with the use of dark shading on the Eifel tower to show that it is becoming dusk

Vivid; The butterflies are vivid in colour which make them stand out in the foreground.

Contrasting; The butterflies contrast with the background as they are very vivid and colourful where as the sunset and tower is soft and relaxing.


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